domingo, 22 de enero de 2012


Two years have passed since Dashie left my side. I've been pretty much lonely since then. I got a job in the factory and a car, but my days still lack the spark my little filly once gave me. I have made some friends at my job. They will never fill the void in my heart, but hanging out with them it hurts way less than my insistent daydreams of her.
Four years have passed since Dashie left our home. Most of my friends have left the job. Well, almost all of them. My only friend left is this girl I now spend most of my day with. Something in her smile makes my heart skip a beat every time...
Ten years have passed since Dashie left us. I am now married to my best friend. I no longer look at her as a replacement to my little rainbow-colored mare. She's my wife. I once again have a family of my own. The only thing worrying me is whether she should or not know I've already been a father or not. Well, that would be so much easier hadn't my daughter been a pony.
Fifteen years have passed since Dashie ceased filling my days with joy. Now is my daughter, my biological daughter, who has turn what was a perfect life into a ground-level heaven. She's now three years old and playing with her mother as I turn the page on our photo album. The noise of the page preceded a sudden knock at the door.

Only once has that door been knocked before, so I still didn't know what to do. I opened it only to find the second biggest surprise of my life.

Hi there dad said rainbow dash, I stood in place to process she still remembered me! or more importantly she was here!! then princess celestia and twilight followed her and then my wife was all like whuh? and my daughter was also whu? then the princess said I can turn you into a pony and live in equestria with rainbow dash and I looked at my wife and then I looked at rainbow dash and thought "whuh?"

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