domingo, 12 de abril de 2009

The 'P' stands for 'Puzzles'

I'm obsessed with the ancient science of puzzlometry.
I have discovered that within puzzles lies the secret of human intellingence, that which separates us from the common beasts.

I have spent so much time as of late, puzzling about puzzles, that Rathbone, my laboratory rat, has become my confident and closest friend.

My latest invention, the Brain Drain, solves the ultimate puzzle: the transference of intellect from one creature to another.
With the help of my niece, we would successfully transfer in a bit of Rathbone's limited intelligence to that of a honeybee.
Now we've got cheesebees.


-Hello? Joe's Pizza? *chuckle* I'm just kidding, it's Dr. Brain, who's this?
-Uncle, it's Elena. You must stop the experiment. I just read your e-mail, and, uncle, substituting the broken brain filtration valve with a chunk of Rathbone's cheese is insane.
-Oh, Elena, it will be just fine, don't worry.

[Elena] If I hurry, I can still stop him.

[Dr. Brain] Come, Rathbone, my furry cheese-eating friend.
It's time to solve the ultimate brain puzzle.


We have a major malfunction.

Dr. Brain has transferred too much of his intellect to Rathbone.
We'll have to reverse engineer every brain puzzle Dr. Brain has ever solved and reconstruct Dr. Brain's brain section by section by recreating solutions to each brain puzzle he's ever worked on.
When all the puzzles are solved, we'll pour his intellect back into the Brain Drain and pressure force the intelligence back into his own head.

We should begin the reconstruction immediately.
Yes! Immediately!

To continue playing is at your discretion

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