domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2011

Puellile equines of mine

Purple, a rather dark color refers to her rational mentality, which we can link to science, and more specifically astronomy, which is also symbolized in a six-pointed star.
¶ She's resourcefully studious, but sometimes lacking in social and common knowledge.

Orange, possibly referring to an hipotethical tan, product of years of hard work. We can also link her blond hair to money, since her occupation is fully profit-oriented.
¶ She's quite assiduous and practical, but stubborn and unrefined at times.

White, pure and clean, won't take anything unless it's perfect. Lives a spotless life, not unlike a queen, and works with absolute fashion-pitch. Symbolized by gems, precious on detail.
¶ She's a perfectionist, which brings politeness as well as impracticality.

Yellow, a rather bright color, just as her pink hair, reflects her mild and soft personality, which fits her tender love of nature. Mostly fauna, as we see on her three-butterflies symbol.
¶ She's extraordinarily kind and respectful, which glooms, however, her shyness.

Blue, but specifically sky-blue, makes her blend with the sky, in which she spends most of the time. As her rainbow-thunder symbol evidences, she lives on high speed, adrenaline and coolness.
¶ She's awesome. And never pusillanimous, nonetheless occasionally impudent.

Pink, like her hair, lives in a world made of candy, parties and pies oh my. Just as her three-balloons symbol, we can link everything pink to her, not in a girly, but rather puerile way.
¶ She's very jolly and very energetic, sometimes too much, and thus becoming uncomprehensible.

We can group them in three pairs, based on the contrast of their personal traits.
This would be Orange and White, Purple and Pink, Yellow and Blue.
We've seen the first two pairs arranged explicitly and wholly. Yellow and Blue are next.

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